I used to hate going to the dentist until I found Dr. James A. Bedor. He’s the best. I tell everyone I know to see him. I even listed him on Angie’s list!
- Vicky Banyash
Recently, my family and I switched from our long time dentist to Dr. Bedor. I have been in for two appointments and found the office to be friendly, personable, and professional. Dr. Bedor was very thorough in his examination, explaining all the steps of what he is doing. He explains the options and includes me in the decision on what I want to do. I never felt pressured to do something I didn't want to. My son Logan, who is 10 really liked coming to Dr. Bedor's office and said it was "very nice". I am actually looking forward to my next visit.
- Elizabeth Van Sicklen
From day one with my partials I never even felt them in my mouth, which was really different than the partial I had before from years ago at another dentist. Everything is just great with them! I can't leave unsaid my thanks for all you have done for both me and my family. Your patience and skill is remarkable. My partials are a work of art. They not only look good, but there has been not one moment of pain. But best of all is the gift you gave me - a snow white tooth in front that makes me want to smile. Thank you so much. May God shower you and your family with his richest blessings this holy season.
- Barb
We felt totally welcome as soon as we walked in and felt that we received the best of care from everyone in your office. We definitely made the right move in choosing you and look forward to seeing everyone twice a year for years to come!
- Gene, Debbie & Gina
Dr. Bedor and his staff are quite exceptional. They are professional and extremely caring. As a matter of fact, on Super Bowl weekend, Dr. Bedor telephoned me to inquire how my tooth was, since I had been there the week before to have it worked on and I had a temporary put on. I was quite surprised with the phone call and have never known anyone to take the time to check on a patient at home. I am grateful that I have a dentist who cares as much as Dr. Bedor. Thank you to you and your staff!
- Nancy
Your office is immaculate, we think that's important. We are custodians by trade and we really notice when a place isn't very clean. A dentist is not always the place you want to visit, but we find Dr. Bedor's office a very plesant place to visit because of your staff and the surroundings being so nice. We really enjoy coming. We've been very, very happy. Your staff is very accommodating and we feel like we really lucked out finding your office.
- Maria and Michael
What impresses us the most is that Dr. Bedor is totally trustworthy. We have experienced excellent dental health care and appreciate the efficiency of the whole office. We always feel so welcome when we visit.
- Sharon & Karl
She's ready for me right now? Oh my goodness, the reason why I left my other dentist is because I had to wait so long to be seen. You guys are always right out to get me.
- Kristy
You are just like family. It's an honor to be associated with you and reccomend you. This is the honest truth!
- Zeke
I've always been treated very well here. You are lovely - the entire staff, very professional.
- Margaret
I didn't even feel the needle when she numbed me up. I don't with Dr. Bedor either. They are both good at that.
- Billy